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SOC Platform

Move beyond the limits of legacy SIEM with a modern, cloud-based SOC platform delivered as a streamlined service

Move Beyond SIEM

Tune Out the Noise with Cyrvant to Rapidly Respond to Real Threats

Move past the limits of legacy SIEM — the noise, cost, and complexity — with Cyrvant's SOC platform service. It's engineered with machine-led automation and intelligence to speed up and streamline modern security operations with full visibility across the attack surface.

Cloud-native, automated platform
Delivered as a managed service
Cost-contained pricing model


Switch Out Your SIEM

High Costs

Licensing is only the first cost of using a SIEM. There’s data storage costs. And the cost of hiring and training analysts to work with your SIEM’s proprietary technology.

Limited Visibility

SIEMs were not built to handle the overwhelming amount of security data organizations face today. Lack of centralized and normalized data causes critical blind spots and missed alerts.

Tedious Rule Writing

Traditional SIEMs lack comprehensive out-of-the-box detection rules and automated alert investigation. Analysts are caught up in manual rule-writing that could be automated away.


Cyrvant expands visibility across the entire attack surface and helps security teams mitigate real threats faster and more reliably than SIEM to create better security outcomes — all with cost-contained pricing based on employees, not data.

Ingest massive amounts of data

Break the paradigm of more data creating more noise, forcing increased staffing and budget. Easily ingest and retain all your data, without compromise, at a predictable cost.

Detect incidents that matter

Offload the burden of endless creation and maintenance of detection rules with an always up-to-date detection engine.

Cut investigation times

Leverage automation to expedite investigation and triage processes across data sources from various domains (cloud, endpoint, network, identity, email, etc.)

Respond with confidence

Clear Attack Stories that address the who, what, where and when of the incident empower fast attack understanding and mitigation.

Cyrvant Is Powered By

WitFoo Precinct

Features of big-data SIEM, SOAR, Threat Intelligence & XDR are reimagined in WitFoo Precinct to proactively identify gaps in the security infrastructure and enable rapid detection, response, and mitigation.

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Our deep learning platform is highly scalable, predictive and comprehensive. Through cutting-edge data science, the insights we provide are original, targeted and timely using ground-truth source data.

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Cyrvant Services


Compare the three managed services of Cyrvant: risk monitoring, SOC platform, and SOC-as-a-service.


Risk Monitoring

SOC Platform

WitFoo Precinct

Unlimited Data Ingestion

Compliance Reporting

Parser Management

Cybersecurity Risk

Forwarder Mgmt & Monitoring

Maintain Infrastructure

Data Retention (1 Year)

Global Threat Intelligence

Data Ingestion Support


Third Party Risk



Dedicated Support

24x7 Managed Detection & Response

Establish Playbooks


Extended Data Retention


Key Benefits

Streamline security operations with a modern SOC platform

Rapid Deployment
Expanded Visibility
Infinitely Scalable
24×7 Expertise
Predictable Pricing
Minimized Risk

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