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Impelix IMPACT SecOps Platform

Integrating SIEM + SOAR + XDR + GRC

For Enterprise and MSSP SOC teams to streamline their workflow, enhance threat detection and response, and to improve overall security, risk, and compliance posture.
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Secure your organization with the ONLY AI-powered, easy-to-use SOC platform with unlimited data ingestion, automated incident investigation and response, real‑time risk and compliance information, and predictable pricing.

Turn down the noise from alerts.

Simplify incident response process.

Quick time to value.

Improve Cost Efficiency

The Impelix IMPACT Platform eliminates one of your biggest challenges with legacy SIEM vendors – the high cost of data ingestion and storage and the inherent data compromise that it causes – with user-based pricing and one year of hot data retention.

Strengthen Your Security Posture

Our platform gives your security team visibility across your entire attack surface and offers real-time detection with automated (or one-click) response for seamless protection against advanced, 
persistent threats.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Knowing your company’s current cyber readiness, risk, and compliance is critical to assessing its posture and drives better business decisions. Impelix IMPACT offers continuous monitoring and comprehensive reporting in a streamlined service to make risk measurable and easily understood.

Stop today’s attacks, prevent tomorrow’s.

Easily progress from a REACTIVE security operations model
 to a PROACTIVE one and finally, a PREVENTATIVE one, all within a single platform.

The Impelix IMPACT SOC Platform provides automated alert correlation and validation to address the alert noise and fatigue challenges that other solutions can’t address. The platform creates easy to understand enterprise-wide incident story graphing with automated incident responses to confidently enable your security and compliance teams to react quickly to attacks.

Proactive threat hunting and investigation is made simple through natural language queries and historical IOC and IOA searches. And unique to the Impelix IMPACT platform, integrated real-time compliance monitoring allows for continuous improvement, external risk monitoring, and tool efficacy for security controls validation.

We have a solution to address your needs

For Security Operations Analysts

Easy-to-Use AI-powered SecOps Automation

The Impelix Impact SecOps platform expands your visibility across the entire attack surface and helps your security teams mitigate real threats faster and more reliably than your SIEM 
to create better security outcomes — all with cost-contained pricing based on employees, not data.

  • Reduce the Noise and Focus on the Real Threats
  • Rapidly Address Security Incidents
  • Automated Event Correlation and Response
  • Quantify and Remediate Your Risk from All Attack Vectors

For Risk and Compliance Auditors

Predictive Analysis of Third-party and Business Risk

The Impelix IMPACT Enterprise Risk platform delivers continuous monitoring of risk and readiness, combining outside-in and inside-out intelligence, across six key capabilities to produce comprehensive reporting with many use cases.

  • Cyber Readiness
  • Cyber Risk
  • Operations Efficiency
  • Compliance Readiness
  • Tool Efficacy
  • Third Party Risk


Help Your Customers Increase Their Risk and Security Posture

SOC (Security Operations Center) platform can provide your customers these key capabilities:

  • Alert management and Incident workflow
  • Threat detection and Incident response
  • Threat mitigation and hunting
  • Security automation and incident management
  • Real-time compliance monitoring and management
  • Security analytics and forensics analysis

For Executives

The Right Tool Will Save You Time and Money and Help Your Team

A modern security operations center (SOC) can provide many benefits for your organization. With the right SOC platform in place, you can be better prepared to face the challenges of the ever-changing security landscape and your enterprise risk and compliance to important regulations, including:

  • Address your limited staff resources and skills
  • Save money on data ingestion and data storage
  • Insight into overlapping tool efficacy and what to do about it
  • Understand your ratings on compliance and third-party risk

The Next Evolution of SIEM

Avoid alert noise, high cost of data ingestion, and incident response complexity.
Move to our Automated SecOps and Enterprise Risk Management Platform.
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