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Risk Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of compliance and cyber readiness with predictive analysis of third-party and business risk

Instant Reporting

Continuous Monitoring of Compliance, Cyber Readiness, and Business Risk

Knowing your company's current cyber readiness, risk, and compliance is critical to assessing its posture – and is increasingly expected by the C-suite to drive better business decisions. Cyrvant offers continuous monitoring and comprehensive reporting in a streamlined service to make risk measurable and easily understood.

Cloud-native, automated platform
Delivered as a managed service
Cost-contained pricing model


Roadblocks to Reporting

Incomplete Picture

Reporting from SIEM solutions is inflexible and often based on limited data due to costs. And security ratings services only evaluate risk from the outside-in. The result is an incomplete picture of risk that leaves the business in the dark.

Inaccurate Reporting

Today, companies often rely on point-in-time assessments using manual processes to evaluate risk and readiness that lead to inaccurate, costly, and out-of-date reporting.

Lost in Translation

Lacking full visibility and using manual reporting tools, IT and security teams struggle to produce data-driven, holistic reporting for the C-suite that easily translates risk and its impact to the business.


Cyrvant delivers continuous monitoring of risk and readiness, combining outside-in and inside-out intelligence, across six key capabilities to produce comprehensive reporting with many uses cases.

One platform to continuously monitor and measure compliance, readiness, and risk

Cyber Readiness

Cyber Risk

Operations Efficiency

Compliance Readiness

Tool Effectiveness

Third Party Risk

Cyrvant Is Powered By

WitFoo Precinct

Features of big-data SIEM, SOAR, Threat Intelligence & XDR are reimagined in WitFoo Precinct to proactively identify gaps in the security infrastructure and enable rapid detection, response, and mitigation.

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Our deep learning platform is highly scalable, predictive and comprehensive. Through cutting-edge data science, the insights we provide are original, targeted and timely using ground-truth source data.

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Cyrvant Services


Compare the three managed services of Cyrvant: risk monitoring, SOC platform, and SOC-as-a-service.


Risk Monitoring

SOC Platform

WitFoo Precinct

Unlimited Data Ingestion

Compliance Reporting

Parser Management

Cybersecurity Risk

Forwarder Mgmt & Monitoring

Maintain Infrastructure

Data Retention (1 Year)

Global Threat Intelligence

Data Ingestion Support


Third Party Risk



Dedicated Support

24x7 Managed Detection & Response

Establish Playbooks


Extended Data Retention


Key Benefits

Continuous monitoring in a streamlined service

Rapid Deployment
Expanded Visibility
Infinitely Scalable
24×7 Expertise
Predictable Pricing
Minimized Risk

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