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Security and Risk – Better Together

Your differentiated approach to unified security and risk management

Innovative Data Ingestion Approach

  • User-based pricing model with unlimited data ingestion
  • One year of data retention in hot storage
  • Significant reduction in alert noise enables lean security teams to meet the increasing demands of investigating and responding to security events

AI-Powered Automated
Incident Response

  • Machine-learning driven alert validation significantly limits alert fatigue and enables security analysts to focus on the real threats, instead of the noise
  • Automated, real-time event correlation presents the enterprise-wide impact of security incidents
  • Automated case management and incident response delivered from one platform

Real-time Insights for Continual Improvement

  • Real-time compliance monitoring, across many common frameworks, provides the insight needed to facilitate continuous improvement and measure progress over time
  • Tool efficacy monitors the effectiveness of security controls and their ROl to the organization
  • External risk provides insights into potential negative business impacts that can be caused by business partners, supply chain and other external sources
Impelix IMPACT


Move past the limits of legacy SIEM – the noise, cost, and complexity – with Impelix IMPACT SecOps platform service. It’s engineered with machine-led automation and intelligence to speed up and streamline modern security operations with full visibility across the entire organizational attack surface.

Impelix IMPACT

Enterprise Risk

Impelix IMPACT Enterprise Risk helps organizations stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, proactively identify and mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Enterprise Risk provides a comprehensive, automated solution that simplifies the process of monitoring and managing risk and compliance, enabling organizations to focus on their core business objectives.

Product Capabilities


Impelix is proud to work with the industry’s top technology security solutions 
to help you transform your security and risk posture and grow your business.
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Why do I need this platform?

Quite simply, Impelix IMPACT helps security teams do more with less. A lean security team can effectively triage and respond to security incidents while also finding (and improving upon) the gaps in their security controls.

Can’t my legacy SIM monitor my security and compliance?

Most SIEMs are limited in both the amount of data they ingest (due to cost) and the significance of the information they provide (due to manual work and required expertise). A study by 451 Research found that only 21.6% of customers surveyed felt that they were getting the full value from their SIEM expenditure.

SIEMs were designed to collect logs into one place, and then an analyst can search through logs to triage an alert and then respond. You can build queries with your data, but it takes time, and over time things change. IMPACT was designed to allow focus on incidents that matter, filter out the noise, and with unlimited data we can determine compliance standing based on the details form the logs. No coding, no queries, all out of the box.

How is this different from every other SIEM?

Impelix IMPACT is a turnkey SaaS platform that can be fully deployed and operational in less than 30 days. It is designed to replace the functions provided by traditional SIEM, SOAR and XDR tools, limiting the need for large security/compliance teams as well as the significant security expertise needed by these teams.

IMPACT was designed to minimize the time required to manage alerts and respond to events. No coding or special queries are required. An organization can immediately benefit from understanding where their security posture stands today, and IMPACT will help guide you to a more cyber ready position. No heavy lifting required.

My SecOps team is already busy keeping up with alerts from our security products – we don’t have time for this platform.

Impelix IMPACT was designed, from the ground up, to address this exact problem. SecOps teams spend most of their time trying to find the meaningful alerts in a sea of noise. IMPACT reduces this noise and enables them to focus on the real, valid threats.

With IMPACT your team will shift its focus from alerts to incidents that have context (Who, What, Where, and When) with the ability to respond within the platform. No special query language required, simple drop-down response menus, and no more chasing alerts.

My SecOps team is junior - how does this platform help them protect our company?

Impelix IMPACT does not require deep industry expertise to operate. As a matter of fact, it leverages Narrow AI and Supervised Machine Learning to automate the research and event correlation tasks that are normally performed by senior security analysts.

So, IMPACT can assist junior analyst in that it provides all the context around an incident without having to triage an alert. The analyst can learn details about attacks and how to respond appropriately to them.

Can IMPACT help me respond when a security incident takes place?

Yes. Not only does Impelix IMPACT piece together the entirety of an attack story, but it also then gives your team the ability to automatically (or with a single click) remediate the affected accounts, endpoints, or resources.

How much time will it take my team to learn this tool?

The Impelix IMPACT platform is designed for rapid deployment and a short time-to-value. With pre-built data parsers, automated event investigation and response, and natural language queries, SecOps teams can start using IMPACT almost immediately. No coding, parser building or special query language results in fast time to value.

I'm not subject to any compliance standards. Why should I care that they are part of your product?

While many organizations benefit from IMPACT’s ability to help them address compliance mandates (like PCI, CMMC or NIST), others use these tools to help them meet open standards like (CSC, ISO27001 or SOC 2). But some simply want to find the gaps in their security controls. Compliance monitoring can help determine things like which endpoints are missing critical software patches, are not running EDR, or allow escalated administrative privileges.

How much is the platform?

Impelix IMPACT is priced based on the number of employees within an organization (unlike most SIEMs that charge based on data consumption or compute). This gives customers a predictable cost model and removes the barrier of ingesting all of their critical data in the interest of limiting their SIEM costs, by offering flat rate ingest of all of their data.

Break up with your SIEM

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Move to our Automated SecOps and Enterprise Risk Management Platform.
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