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Mitigate Data Breaches & Insider Threats

Data Security

SaaS-based security that provides continuous protection for data in motion, at rest, and in use, with no impact to users, apps, or workflows.

How DASB Works


DASB: Zero Trust DLP for Endpoints

With the adoption of IaaS, SaaS, and BYOD, the protection of the perimeter has dissolved, leaving sensitive data vulnerable. A new approach to protection is required for organizations to control their data and map to modern compliance requirements.

DASB (Data Access Security Broker) moves access control policies from the storage system of the data to the data itself — from device-centric to data-centric.

This access control works with local and remote storage systems, as well as cloud file systems, without any changes to applications, and provides continuous protection no matter where the data is moved.


3 Common Challenges

Frictionless Access for Any Endpoint

Grant data access to users, processes, and applications from cloud, local, and remote filesystems with complete transparency — without requiring changes to applications or workflows.

  • Enable access to data transparently for any endpoint
  • Protect any file type and size
  • Determine and easily administer access control policies

Data Protection in All States and Locations

Retain control over your data even after granting access to users, processes, and applications. DASB works transparently, enabling data to be protected in all states and locations.

  • Ensure data remains protected when in use, in transit, and at rest
  • Protect data wherever it is consumed, created, stored, and modified
  • Migrate data securely from on premise to the cloud and from cloud-to-cloud

Audit Every Action

DASB transforms every action into an auditable event. Use your existing dashboard to see syslog output of every action that happens to your data, integrated with your log aggregation or SIEM tools.

How It Works

DASB in 6 Easy Steps

Define Data

Identify the data source, pattern, or content you want to secure as it moves to endpoints.

Secure Data

Transparently encrypt all the bytes within files you have identified to create a common perimeter of security for data independent of application filetype and operating system.

Move Data

File data can safely move via any channels as the bytes within are always in an encrypted state. This means data is not exposed even when is transported over USB or public cloud storage.

Control Access

The secured data within files is only accessible by approved users, devices, and processes.

Monitor Access

All interactions with secured data are logged for analytics and reporting.

Revoke Access

Once a user, device, or process is no longer allowed, it can never access a copy of the data again.

Use Cases

Protect Source Code, SaaS, and Intellectual Property

Source Code

Development teams are able to keep the source code secure as it leaves code repositories and is pulled onto developer endpoints. The code is kept transparently encrypted on the device even while it is in use by sanctioned IDEs and compilers. DASB provides protection against insider threats, without impacting development teams and their tools.

SaaS Apps

Most SaaS apps allow users to extract data onto the device. Mostly, users leverage this for productive reasons. The challenge is identifying the difference between productive activity and a security threat. With DASB, all data is kept secure as it comes out of SaaS apps, with no impact to users, while still allowing businesses to retain control of their data.

User IP

Intellectual property is frequently generated on the endpoint: architectural designs, engineering drawings, and video content that is highly valuable to the companies that produce them. As DASB is completely agnostic to file type, data size, or application, companies often use the solution to protect this data as it is generated by users on their endpoints.

Key Benefits

Get the benefits of Zero Trust DLP for Endpoints

Zero friction for end users and apps

No change to user behavior is necessary and apps do not need to integrate in any way to enable DASB

Reduce cost and complexity for DLP

A simple per user price reduces cost, and avoiding multiple products and integrations reduces complexity

Rapid and simple deployment

DASB works on a simple cloud to agent delivery model, which means a rapid and simple deployment

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