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Next-Generation Network Security Strategies:

Incident Prevention, Threat Insights, and Network Visibility

Enhancing Impelix IMPACT Next-Generation SIEM with Network Flow Data from Cubro

A comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity and organizational risk has become a requirement for ongoing stability and success for every organization.

Join Impelix and Cubro to explore the seamless integration of Impelix’s cutting-edge SecOps Platform with Cubro’s network visibility solutions, providing an unparalleled defense against evolving cyber threats.

In this webinar we will:

  • Discuss the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and the need for advanced network security strategies including Zero Trust and the NIST Framework 2.0
  • Learn how network visibility solutions help to streamline operations, enhance data efficiency, and unlock valuable insights into your network traffic
  • Cover topics such as threat detection, network monitoring, and the role of analytics in enhancing security
  • Explore how Impelix and Cubro technologies complement each other in creating a robust security infrastructure

This webinar gives an overview of the new and more pervasive threats facing enterprises. It presents the Impelix IMPACT platform providing a unified security, risk, and compliance management platform: that includes automated incident investigation and response and real-time risk and compliance monitoring, by leveraging unlimited data ingestion at flat, predictable pricing.

Finally, it discusses the visibility infrastructure needed to continually monitor today’s complex networks for security threats while also enabling additional network analytics and management capabilities.


Thomas Whang
Thomas Whang

CTO and Co-Founder

Paul Brett

Director, UK&I and 
Middle East

The Next Evolution of SIEM

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