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Exclusive Program

Virtual Executive Briefing

Gain direct access and dialogue with 5 key leaders from Netskope in an exclusive 2.5 hour program for VP & C-level participants.

Wednesday, August 26th at 11:30 am CST

Digital transformation has accelerated

With continued cloud adoption and the sudden shift to remote work, digital transformation has accelerated. The corporate network has been turned inside out. Legacy cyber security measures are now, more than ever, outmoded, increasing risk.

Address the Dilemma

The Netskope leadership team addresses this dilemma with a new Virtual Executive Briefing.

Learn about the future of network security, and how a SASE approach can protect the digital enterprise and scale with it, without slowing it down.

Cloud adoption has sped up and a remote workforce is the “new normal”


2.5 hours

Wed, Aug 26th

11:30 am CST

Netskope Overview

CEO & Founder Sanjay Beri shares Netskope’s vision of empowering an organization’s digital transformation with both protection and speed.

30 minutes

Sanjay Beri
CEO & Founder

Digital Transformation: The Dilemma

Nate Smolenski, former CISO of New York Life, Spencer Stuart, and Zurich, explains the dilemma organizations face in an era of rapid adoption of SaaS applications and cloud services and the transition to work from home.

30 minutes

Nate Smolenski
Head of Security Strategy

The Future of Network Security is SASE

CASB, SWG, ZTNA, SD-WAN; the number of acronyms across cloud security is overwhelming. As the rise of cloud continues to permeate every organization, a shift in how to protect both people and data is happening as well. Security and networking are coming together to offer a unified security service delivered globally from the cloud.

Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway

Netskope Next Gen Secure Web Gateway delivers web security from the cloud, protecting cloud services, applications, websites, and data for any user, location, or device.

Amit Datar, Sr. Director Product Management

30 minutes

Private Access

Netskope Private Access is a cloud-based zero-trust network access solution that provides fast and secure access to private applications that are hosted in public clouds or enterprise data centers.

Kevin Sapp, VP Product Management

30 minutes


NewEdge is one of the world’s largest and fastest security networks, enabling the Netskope Security Cloud to deliver real-time security without the traditional security and performance trade-off.

Jason Hofmann, VP Platform Architecture & Services

30 minutes

Apply to participate

This special program will be available on a first come, first served basis to an exclusive list of executive invitees. To ensure a depth of dialogue and personal connection, the sessions will be limited to no more than three participating companies.

  • Begins at 9:30 am PST / 11:30 am CST / 12:30 pm EST
  • Approximately 2.5 hours
  • Limited to three participating companies

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