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Cyber Insurance Advisory

Applying for Cyber Insurance

Our advisory process guides organizations through the proper preparation of their cyber insurance application to ensure an accurate, validated, and timely submission.


Challenges in Applying

Limited Resources

Companies often lack the resources for preparation, with in-house teams lacking the bandwidth and expertise to handle the process.

Accuracy Matters

Insurance questionnaires have gotten longer with more in-depth questions about data and controls. Accurate, documented answers are critical.

Timeliness Counts

Without an advisor, internal IT and security teams often struggle to move through the process to produce an accurate submission on time.

Advisory Process

Expert Guidance Through the Application Process

In a six-step advisory program, we guide organizations through each step necessary in their cyber insurance application to ensure a smooth process through preparation, documentation, validation, assessment, and response resulting in an accurate and timely submission that reduces the risk of claim denials and presents a clear path forward to mature the security posture.

Expert guidance through the entire process
An accurate, validated, and timely submission
Prioritized gap analysis of current posture

Preparation for Application Process


Documentation Collection & Validation


Security Posture Assessment


Guided Questionnaire Response


Submission of Insurance Application


Review and Response to Insurer Counterpoints

Key Benefits

Smooth process in applying

Reduce risk of claim denials

Clear picture of current posture

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