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Secure Remote Workers for Free

Akamai offers cloud-based, secure enterprise application access free for 60 days

This sudden increase in remote users is a challenge for many of our customers. Corporate VPN setups are typically not scoped for large numbers of off-site workers, and scaling access to business-critical applications can be expensive, time-consuming, and complex.

Additionally, a remote workforce — and scores of newly remote devices — requires supplemental off-network security measures for web access. Existing on-network protection against malware, ransomware, and phishing is no longer relevant and increases the risk of compromise and lateral movement.

Akamai’s enterprise security solutions can be deployed globally in less than 15 minutes to secure and manage your remote workforce.

View how the solutions fit into your current architecture.

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    Secure Remote AccessUniversal Threat Protection

    Secure Remote Access

    Akamai Enterprise Application Access enables you to securely provision remote access to the right applications, helping you to maintain business continuity while still enforcing appropriate security controls.

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    Universal Threat Protection

    Akamai Enterprise Threat Protector provides you with visibility into user and endpoint activity, regardless of location, allowing you to block malicious requests and enforce AUPs, comprehensively protecting your business.

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