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September Newsletter: Get Your Roll On

By September 30, 2019Newsletter

My favorite time of year is here … it’s time for fall, yes, and its changing colors and pumpkin spice flavoring and justified costume wearing. But more importantly, it’s time for bowling. That is, our 2nd Annual Kingpin Classic Bowling Tournament.

As a lover of the criminally underrated movie Kingpin and frequenter of Chicago dive bars, of course I thought hosting a bowling event at the legendary Fireside Bowl was a great idea. It turned out to be our best last year for Cyber Security Made Social.

And to maintain tradition, I’ve kept the $1,000 cash prize for the winners. Costumes aren’t necessary, but please bring your game face. It’s time to get your roll on!

You can enter as a single participant or recruit a team yourself. Shoot me a message if you’d like to get in on the action.


2nd Annual Kingpin Classic Bowling Tournament


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