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May Newsletter – Passwords: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

By May 29, 2020May 30th, 2020Newsletter

Passwords have been around since 1961. Almost 60 years later, they’re more prevalent than ever. And yet 80% of breaches involve compromised credentials. It begs the question: should we continue to love ‘em? Or leave ‘em?

Earlier this month was World Password Day, first championed by Intel in 2013 to promote stronger passwords. They’re the first line of defense to protect our digital lives—and often the weakest link, mostly due to bad habits.

Here are five best practices to stay safe:

  • Create a strong one
  • Don’t reuse it
  • Check if it’s been pwned
  • Use a manager like 1Password
  • Activate MFA

On the horizon is a future in which users are happier and safer, a passwordless one relying on stronger factors like biometrics (think your smartphone), built on a foundation of context-aware identity management. As we move toward this frictionless future, let’s love passwords while we leave ‘em.


New Partner: Akamai

Our cloud-based security offering just got stronger! We’re thrilled to announce we joined Akamai’s NetAlliance Partner Program. Our CTO says their “cloud and enterprise security solutions, built on top of the Intelligent Edge platform, can’t be matched.”

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Frictionless Login

Okta unveiled a pair of new enterprise products at its Oktane20 Live event. The first is Okta Platform Services, while the second is a passwordless login solution dubbed Okta FastPass.

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A Shark on Securing the Digital Transformation

How can cyber security programs keep pace with digital transformation in 2020? That’s the burning question Robert Herjavec set out to answer with his company’s annual report. Their answer: Identity. We couldn’t agree more, which is why our first official workshop offering (coming soon!) will focus on it.

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Spotlight photo via WBUR / Akamai Tower on Broadway in Kendall Sq.

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