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Managed Services

Managed Firewall

Maximize investment in your firewall infrastructure while minimizing risk and reducing operational expense.

Data Sheet

Your Network, Secured

Managed Firewall provides administration, monitoring, and maintenance of firewall infrastructure, freeing clients from the burden of policy management, upgrades and patch deployment. With around-the-clock monitoring, our team of network security experts apply best practices to ensure real-time protection of your network and data.

Real-time protection

Firewall expertise

Best practices


Maximize Your Firewall Investment

Bolster Efficiency

Lifts operational duties from your staff to our firewall security experts

Increase Visibility

Delivers globalized view of ever-changing threat landscape

Protect Data

Provides around-the-clock firewall monitoring and management

Feature-Rich Service

Firewalls are a critical component of any organization’s security program, but the real work begins once firewalls are purchased. It requires a heavy investment of time and resources to maximize the value of these products, ensuring policies and configurations are adjusted, firewalls are patched, and updates are applied.

Monitoring & Alerting

Continuous monitoring of devices for applicable indicators (up/down, packet loss, threat, etc.) If an event is detected, automated alerts go to NOC for investigation and notification.

Move / Add / Change

Make all configuration changes to the managed device. As business needs evolve, adjust configuration of network devices to align with business requirements. Unlimited MAC included for managed devices.

Configuration Management

All MACs are tracked through the change management process for complete audit trails. In addition, all configurations are backed up and stored in order to support disaster recovery scenarios.

Patch / Upgrade Management

Firewalls will be upgraded as required based on patch fix requirements, security vulnerability patches, and general OS upgrades. Generally, there is at least one upgrade every quarter.

Customized Reporting

Impelix will work with the client to understand their reporting needs and generate a reporting schedule and a report set to align with those requirements.

Threat Monitoring & Reporting

Impelix will work with the client to understand their threat reporting needs and generate a reporting schedule and a report set to align with those requirements. In addition, a Playbook will be built in case automated action is to be taken based on individual threat criteria.

Cyber Security Specialist

Includes access to a Cyber Security Specialist who can help advise and make industry best practice recommendations.

Renewal Management

Tracking and renewing subscriptions and licenses is a repetitive, time-consuming task. Impelix takes over this process and manages it, proactively address upcoming renewals for the managed devices.

Key Feature

Unlimited Patch Management

Many MSPs limit when and how many patch upgrades can be made. Not us. We deploy patches as soon as they’re needed, based on security, thereby reducing the window of risk.

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