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December Newsletter: 2019 In Review

By December 31, 2019January 2nd, 2020Newsletter

It’s time to celebrate. A decade is done, with a new one beginning. Will these ’20s be roaring? I hope so—just without the crash at the end!

At year’s end, here’s what I’m celebrating: the inaugural year of Cyber Security Made Social. Thanks to everyone who joined us (220 total attendees) and provided sponsorship (6 in all). It was a success because of you!

Once the champagne hangover subsides and winter truly settles in, my guess is you’ll be ready to come in from the cold for a Tiki Retreat …



2019 Data Breach Hall of Shame: These were the biggest data breaches of the year

The total number of breaches was up 33% over last year, according to research from Risk Based Security, with medical services, retailers and public entities most affected. That’s a whopping 5,183 data breaches for a total of 7.9 billion exposed records. In November, the research firm called 2019 the “worst year on record” for breaches.

The Hacker Who Took Down a Country

Daniel Kaye, also known as Spdrman, found regular jobs tough but corporate espionage easy. He’s about to get out of prison.

Photo credit: Peter Thoeny

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