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The platform, process, and people of a modern SOC in a streamlined service for seamless 24x7 protection

SOC at Your Service

Cyrvant Delivers the Platform, Process, and People for 24x7 Protection

Today’s cyber threats demand around-the-clock security operations. Developing them in house comes with significant costs and complexity. Cyrvant offers the platform, process, and people for 24x7 managed detection and response to stop threats and reduce risk.

Cloud-native platform with infinite scale
Real-time detection and response
24×7 protection to minimize risk


Offload Your SOC

Advanced Threats

Today’s IT and security teams struggle to detect modern threats, potentially causing irreparable damage to their business.

Soaring Costs

Staffing an entire Security Operations Center to protect an organization is a costly endeavor, one that isn’t feasible for many organizations.

Talent Shortage

Finding, training, and retaining experienced security professionals has become a major obstacle for businesses of every size.


Overcome the cost and challenge of developing a SOC in house with Cyrvant, offering the platform, process, and people for a modern SOC in a streamlined service for seamless protection to stop threats and reduce risk.

Deploy rapidly with infinite scalability

Cloud-native platform allows rapid rollout, immediate time to value, and infinite scalability

Ingest massive amounts of data

Unlimited data ingestion to collect and analyze all security telemetry

See everywhere

Monitoring of the entire attack surface including identity, network, endpoint, email, and cloud for full visibility

24x7 Expertise

Follow-the-sun coverage for 24×7 responsiveness from experts across the world who act as an extension of your team

Cost-contained protection

Simplified pricing model based on employees offers cost-contained protection at a predictable price

Cyrvant Is Powered By

WitFoo Precinct

Features of big-data SIEM, SOAR, Threat Intelligence & XDR are reimagined in WitFoo Precinct Cloud to proactively identify gaps in the security infrastructure and enable rapid detection, response, and mitigation.

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Our deep learning platform is highly scalable, predictive and comprehensive. Through cutting-edge data science, the insights we provide are original, targeted and timely using ground-truth source data.

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Cyrvant Services


Compare the three managed services of Cyrvant: risk monitoring, SOC platform, and SOC-as-a-service.


Risk Monitoring

SOC Platform


WitFoo Precinct

Unlimited Data Ingestion

Compliance Reporting

Parser Management

Cybersecurity Risk

Forwarder Mgmt & Monitoring

Maintain Infrastructure

Data Retention (1 Year)

Global Threat Intelligence

Data Ingestion Support


Third Party Risk




Dedicated Support

24x7 Managed Detection & Response

Establish Playbooks


Up to 5

Extended Data Retention



Key Benefits

Seamless protection from a streamlined service

Rapid Deployment
Expanded Visibility
Infinitely Scalable
24×7 Expertise
Predictable Pricing
Minimized Risk

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