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April Newsletter – Charging Up

By April 28, 2023Newsletter

The first tulips have begun to blossom on my street in Chicago, a sure sign that spring is in full swing. Which means I’ve reemerged on the lakefront trail riding on my road bike.

After a long, dark winter, it’s my favorite way to recharge for the summer fun to come, including our next gathering for Cyber Security Made Social. It’s our 3rd annual Summer Kickoff at The J. Parker, a rooftop with some of the best views and cocktails in the city. Something to get charged up about!

Shifting Left

“Shifting Left” refers to the practice of prioritizing and integrating security and quality measures early on in the software development lifecycle, rather than as an afterthought or add-on at the end. By “shifting left,” development teams can reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and ultimately produce higher quality software with fewer vulnerabilities. Here are four steps DevOps teams can take to embrace the shift left.

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Confidential Breaches

Over 70% of cybersecurity teams have been told to keep a breach confidential when it should have been reported, and almost 80% are worried about their company facing legal action due to a security breach being handled incorrectly. So why are so many tech leaders pressuring their staff to bury data breaches? The answer is that the cyberthreat landscape is becoming more and more demanding, with 75% experiencing a data breach in the last 12 months.

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Juice Jacking

Are you aware of the dangers of public charging stations? The FCC recently issued a warning about a type of cyber attack: juice jacking. Bad actors can load malware onto public USB charging stations to maliciously access electronic devices while they are being charged. Malware installed through a corrupted USB port can lock a device or export personal data and passwords directly to the perpetrator.

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Cyber Security Made Social

For our 3rd annual Summer Kickoff we’re returning to The J. Parker rooftop above Hotel Lincoln in the heart of Lincoln Park, Chicago. We’re joined by Gold Sponsor Cloudflare. In past years, we’ve had over 80 cyber security leaders join for the spectacular views, networking, and fun.

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